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My name is Steven Catts. My specialty is custom quality, affordable leather products.  I craft custom leather quivers, holsters, gun belts, knife and axe sheaths, fur hats, and more!  Everything is handmade one at a time, by me, out of the best material I can find.  You can choose from one of my styles or  I can create a custom pattern for your specific project. 
Archery Gear
I make a full line of "Traditional Archery Gear" back, side, and Lakota quivers, out of leather and fur, tip protectors, "THE BOWSLING ", the "ULTIMATE TRADITIONAL ARMGUARD", and competition quality target quivers for the compound shooter. For an example of my work, check out Byron Ferguson on TV..... I made his quiver.
Gun Leather
Pistol Holsters
Living in the mountains of West Virginia, I am surrounded by hunters and therefore make a full line of hunting holsters for big frame long barreled handguns, with or without scopes. Shoulder holsters, cross mount rigs, matching cartridge belts, shotgun shell belts, rifle slings, and cartridge carriers.
Fur Hats & Buckskinner Gear
Mountain Man

Being a "MOUNTAIN MAN" at heart I also make Buckskinner gear.  My fur hats are beautiful and unique.  Each has its own personality!  Wolf, coyote, fox, badger, full drape mountain man hats to mention a few.  Free Trapper hats made out of beaver, fox, coyote, badger, and Davy Crockett hats out of raccoon, skunk, and other popular furs, are made from top quality hides, with a soft quilted lining with a face if you want it. I also have inexpensive raccoon, rabbit, and imitation fur Davy Crockett hats.  I also make mountain man knife sheaths, possible bags, belt bags and fringed and beaded rifle scabbards.


So browse through my website, or come see me at a show.   This represents only a sample of what I make. Send me an E-Mail, or give me a call for any of these items, or your own special variations or custom order. All of my products are 100% guaranteed 

How to Order.

Follow the links to view some of my wares. Enjoy!