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Ultimate Traditional Armguard

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Ultm Armguard Front

No hooks, buttons, or bungee cords!  Quick lace-up and it form fits to your arm.  Available in assorted browns and black. I make these in several sizes. The large fits most guys.

 Also available lined with suede for: $45.00

Heavy Veg Tan


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Ultm Armguard Laces

    The Cross Guard

Cross Guard





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This is the Cross Guard easy on easy off and easy adjustment of the bungee cord lengths. It comes in two sizes but even the small one fits most men. The larger one is for fuller coverage on your arm. Each bungee cord crosses behind your arm and  hooks on one of the antler buttons. This one is made from 8 to 9 oz brown saddle skirting the lining is a brown suede and adds a nice finishing touch.


Basket weave

Cross guard

lined with suede



Snake inlay armguard



The ultimate traditional armguard is now available with a diamond shaped snake skin inlay. Quality construction and lined with suede.

Sheath Armguard:

Tooled with knife included $95.00

Built to fit your knife


  The new sheath armguard is made of heavy cowhide and lined with suede. It is made in the cross-guard style with quick adjust bungee's and an antler button on each side. You can have it tooled or plain in your choice of color. You can buy one with the knife already in it as shown or I can make one to fit your knife.

Custom Carved or stamped Armguard

 Veg Tan with suede lining


 and Up

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Tooled ArmguardWant something different? How about a custom tooled armguard! Initials, animals, company logos, or a nice border tooling are just a few options. Antler button or antique brass hooks, industrial bungee cord, and suede liner make these great! Specify Left or Right.





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Tooled ArmguardCustom tooled Armguards Made of good quality leather with a suede lining, with your choice of design. antler buttons and heavy bungee cords.


This one matches the Ferguson quiver.

Call Me With Your Ideas

 Plain Armguard




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heavy armguardHeavy armguard----A good solid functional armguard that will last for years. Right or left hand available with suede lining, antler buttons, and heavy bungee strap.

Available with antique brass hooks instead of antler buttons.

The Bowsling

The Bowsling


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The BowslingTired of carrying your bow around at a shoot or in the woods? Need to drag a deer out of the woods? Try the Bowsling! Throw it over your shoulder just like a back quiver. Available for longbows and most recurves. Made of heavy vegetable tanned leather with a easy adjust strap.

This works great

The Bowsling

New The Super Sling

Carry your bow while it is strung!

Super Sling




Super Sling with 2 optional "D" rings



Finally a bow sling that you can carry your bow with while it is strung! This works with long bows, recurves and even compounds. It also works with a bow quiver on the bow. This one is pictured with two "D" rings on the strap which is and extra $10.00 option. You can use them to attach a small back quiver or a bow quiver or anything else that you want and carry everything with you in a compact package. The "D" rings are movable up and down the strap and are secured with a Chicago screw. You could actually put them in the front or just get one to hang accessories from. The new super sling is made out of heavy duty leather and utilizes industrial strength Velcro for the closures, and brass hardware. The super sling has a movable limb strap to keep everything secure and creates an adjustment for carrying it on your back. It is very easy to use and comfortable to carry with your bow in it.

Give one a try !

    Water Bottle Carrier

Water Bottle Carrier


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Everyone needs a water bottle carrier. Made of heavy leather and sized for a 20 oz bottle. Smaller ones will fit. It has a belt loop on the back. Get one to match your hip quiver.


Knife and File case

Knife, Stone, and File Sheath


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  The knife, file, and sharpening stone sheath is custom  made for your favorite knife, file, and stone out of  heavy leather for years of use.

     Fancy Feathers

Single Feather


Double Feather


  Tie them onto your quiver or anything else! I make them from imitation eagle or turkey feathers with assorted colored feathers and beads.

    Suede Bow Cases

Suede Bow case



My suede bow case is built to fit your bow.  Fringe at both ends and in the center, you can add a beaded rosette to the center for no extra charge. Fold over top that ties around the case with an antler piece. Available in several colors. Made for longbows or recurves.

 Looks and works great

    Leather Bow cases

Elk Skin Recurve or Longbow case lined with fleece



Leather longbow or recurve bow case lined with fleece


  • String Keepers All leather.  $9.95


  • Bow Tip Protectors in 3 sizes. tip protecters
    All leather, hand sewn with sinew. $7.95




      Fur String Silencers -Beaver   $4.50





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