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Gun belts

Gun leather




Cartridge Belts, Carriers, & Knife Sheaths

Cartridge Belts

Pistol Cartridge Belts


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Cartridge BeltMade for your choice of pistol caliber, this one is a great buy! 2" wide with a roller buckle and 24 cartridge loops. Made from heavy vegetable tanned leather. Available in brown or black unlined.


Rifle Cartridge Belts



Suede lined


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rifle cartridge belt

2 1/2" to 3"  in double loop construction. Ranger style or tapered end belt. Made of  9 oz. veg-tan leather with a suede lining if requested. 20 to 25 bullet loops depending on waist size.

Heavy Duty


Closed Bottom Shotgun Shell Belt





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Closed bottom shotgun shell belts: made of 9 oz veg tan leather with a 4 oz suede lining if requested in tapered end style with a 2 inch brass roller buckle. This price covers 25 shell loops on the belt if they will fit.  

       Nice Rig !

Also available:

  • Western Style Cartridge Belt  A 2 1/2" or 3 inch  wide belt with western billets and western buckle. 24 cartridge loops and a center bar buckle lined with suede. This is a straight belt $145.00

  • Shotgun Shell Belts 1 1/2" loops. Usually 18 loops with tapered belt ends or ranger style. unlined  $95.00


New Stock Carrier

Stock Shell Carrier


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This is my lace on shell carrier. It is pictured for 12 gauge but I can make it for any gauge or caliber...shotgun or rifle shells. Like everything else it is made out of great quality leather and will last a long time.

Shotgun Slide


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Shotgun Slide FrontShotgun Slide BackFor 12 or 20 gauge. Will fit 3" Gunbelt

holds 6 shells.

Knife Sheaths

Knife Sheaths

Heavy Veg Tan 
$35 and Up
Call for Price

How to Order

Knife SheathsDo you have a knife you need a sheath for?  All I need is an outline of your knife and a description of the style sheath you want.  Plain, tooled, carved, western , Buckskinner, covered with snakeskin, fringe on the side or made to match your gun belt and holster, are just some of your options. You can also choose from the ones I have in stock..

Folding Sheaths




Also Folding Knife & Leatherman Sheaths - heavy leather in 3 sizes 

Pouch sheaths

Starting at $25.00



mountainman sheathrawhide buckstitch sheath
    Axe Sheaths

Axe Sheaths

Starting at


Axe sheaths are available also. Single bit or double bit they are made to fit your axe or I have patterns that fit a lot of models. I also make combinations sheaths for axe and knife. The sheath pictured was made for a big Jersey style axe and is made from heavy brown saddle skirting with a full welt around the seam on the cutting edge. This one was $35.00

Dealer Inquiries Welcome!

Want to customize your leather product?  No problem!  Give us a call. 
Options include:
  • Big Pockets

  • Feathers

  • Faces

  • Fringe

  • Beadwork

  • Tooling

  • Legs & Paws
  • Tails
  • Tooled Initials

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