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Large Hill Style



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Back Quivers

Hill Style

The all time favorite traditional back quiver with pocket & antler button.  Reinforced bottom for use with broadheads. This quiver is 22 inches long  and the opening is about 4.5 by 7 inches. Lace adjustment on bottom of strap. Great for target practice and hunting. Will contour to your back to keep arrows from rattling around.  Holds 18 to 24  arrows.  Made from vegetable tanned saddle skirting in an assortment of browns. Pictured in medium to dark brown.

Now available in a scaled down version that has all the same lacing and same great looks  and same great price but is a size between the large Hill  and the medium Hill. You can put 24 field point arrows in it (pretty well packed) but 18 is better. The opening at the top is 3 1/2 by 5. A great all around size for hunting or target shooting. It comes standard in the brown saddle skirting leather. Pictured in light brown

Medium Hill Style



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Similar to the above quiver only in a smaller size. The quiver is 22 inches long and the opening measures 3 by 4.  Holds 12 arrows or 6 arrows with broad heads. Arrows are not included.

Available in: Vegetable-tan saddle skirting in light to dark brown, mahogany, or black.

You can get this quiver with my 3-way strap system or my shoulder harness system for $35.00 extra.



New   The Duneyes                      New

Carry your strung bow and arrows at the same time


$350.00 for traditional style

$395.00 for Duneyes with fringe

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Now a quiver that you can carry your strung bow in along with your arrows.  It is made or 6 oz veg tan leather and can be dyed in the color you choose. It is pictured in mahogany. You can choose the one above or have one made in a more traditional style without the fringe. The Duneyes has a belt so that you can keep it close to you. The Duneyes has my classic style strap with a buckle adjustment and an antler button and lace to hold the quiver top together to keep it all close to your back. It now has a better quiver on it...about half the size of the medium hill style with a plug in the bottom for broadheads. This is a comfortable quiver that works well.


About the leather I use


  The leather I use is prime vegetable tanned (bark tanned) saddle skirting that is tanned in the USA. Bark tanning is a lengthy process that takes quite a while but yields a far superior product. It is heavy duty outdoor leather and makes a great quiver. I buy it directly from the tannery in Pennsylvania and I have been using it for years. On most back quivers I cut them out of sides of leather that are rated at 8 to 10 oz. An ounce (oz) is 1/64 of an inch so that makes 8oz leather 1/8 of an inch thick. Most of the quiver parts are cut out of the middle of the sides of leather which gives you an 8 to 9 ounce quiver for great durability. The straps are cut from the upper part of the side which is where the 10 ounce leather is. If it is too heavy for a decent strap I skive it down a bit. Most of the leather is dyed brown at the tannery so there isn't much problem with bleeding on your shirt. I oil it and use a heavy finish on the leather so it only needs minimal care when you receive it.

 Most leather comes out of Mexico and South America now.

The chrome tan leather I use on lightweight applications is tanned by a chemical process which doesn't take very long. It is a lighter weight leather and makes good outdoor leather. It generally comes in 4 to 5 oz. but I am still able to get it in 5 to 6. It is dyed and finished at the tanneries and I can't change the color on it I usually stock it in medium or dark brown.

If you want a lightweight quiver I usually have the saddle skirting skived down at the tannery to a 6 to 7 ounce and use that. You can also have it made out of the best grade of chrome tan leather that I carry which is really nice and soft but strong (I use this on the leather bow cases). I add reinforcement at the top and bottom so you never have to worry about them collapsing.

If you want a lighter weight quiver let me know. The chrome tan leather works great on the Hill style quivers but I only use the veg tan on my custom type quivers.

The elk skin I use is really nice and has a minimum of scrapes and scratches on it. The two colors available are smoke (the gold color) which resembles brain tan and tobacco which is a nice medium brown. Back quivers made of elk skin are lined with chrome tan leather to give it some body.

If you have any questions let me know.

Child Hill Style

Soft  Chrome Tan


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HillChildLG.jpg (236965 bytes)Similar to medium Hill only smaller. 16 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter. Bottom is reinforced like all my quivers. Good for kids up till their early teens. A lot of ladies use this one also with a slight extension on the length.

Available in Soft chrome tan leather in medium or dark brown. The dark brown is pictured.

New   NewClassic Camo Hunter

Limited Availability

$ 195.00

I am sold out of the camo leather but I still make this style in my regular brown saddle skirting


 This is a new addition to my quiver line. I ran across a limited supply of Mossey Oak camo leather and have made a new quiver out of it for the hunter or target shooter. This one is the Classic Camo Hunter. The quiver is made from 5 to 6 oz Mossey Oak camo chrome tan leather that not only seems to be water resistant but also stain resistant. At its longest measurement it is about 22 inches long and the top opening is about 5 ½ by 3 ½. The inside measurement on the bottom is 4 ½ by 3 1/2. It will easily handle 12 arrows with field points 18 will fit but it is snug. Figure on about 6 arrows with broadheads.  The top is reinforced with a 5 to 6 oz brown veg-tan strip wet molded shaped and fit over the contour cut edge and double stitched with heavy thread. The inside of the top of the quiver is lined with a 4 inch band of synthetic fleece to muffle the arrow rattle. The bottom is triple layered. It has a 9 to 10 oz piece of  heavy leather inside sewn to the 5 to 6 oz camo leather bottom but then  I made my 8 to 9 oz name tag larger than usual and sewed that on the out side so that makes the bottom of the quiver 3/8 inch thick plus.

The Classic Camo Hunter has a bigger than usual pocket for this size quiver. It measures 6 ½ by5 ½ with a 2 inch gusset depth and has an antler button with matching leather brown draw strings.

The Classic Camo Hunter will immediately contour to your back but stay open at the top and bottom because of the reinforcement. This model is very light and doesn’t seem to move around a lot but can easily be slid around and tucked under your arm for easy sneaking around in the brush. The two piece strap is contour cut and angled to keep the quiver in place and provide optimum comfort. The top part of the strap is 1 ½ and tapers down to 1 ¼.  The quiver has a heavy brass buckle for quick strap adjustment to accommodate clothes changes and body size…lots of easy adjustment!

The Classic Camo Hunter is a good looking, durable and comfortable quiver which will give you many years of service.




Medium Sherwood

Medium Sherwood


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Sherwood FrontSherwood RearLarge rolled top with decorative lace around edge. The edge is just whipped stitched around the top part. It does not have the leather braiding around the edge like the Large Sherwood. I will have a new picture soon.  Large pocket and reinforced bottom. This is a tapered style quiver which is about 6 by 4 at the top and 3 1/2 by 5 at the bottom. The standard length is 22 inches long  Available in brown saddle skirting or vegetable tanned leather in your choice of color. Finally got some new pictures  This one below is shown in dark dark brown .




Large Sherwood


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See the Sherwood in action Click here

Large sherwood The large Sherwood is a tapered quiver that is 22 inches long. The opening at the top is about 4 by 7 inches. the bottom  is 4 by 5 inches. The big roll over top is laced down with a braided appliqué. It is now made out of my best brown saddle skirting or veg-tan in your choice of color. This is a really nice quiver for the Traditional Archer    Available with fleece lining around top for $15.00 extra. Also available with a 3-way hookup for an additional $35.00

      3-way hookup




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Large capacity high quality quiver now made of 8 oz .brown vegetable tanned saddle skirting leather.  Reinforced at the top and bottom with a big pocket. This quiver is 22 inches long and  4.5 by 7 inches at the top and bottom. This quiver has an  arrow separator.

<--Available with 3-way hook up for an extra $35.00 or a fleece lining strip at the top for an extra   $15.00. The 3-way looks like the one on the large Sherwood now.


New   The Nottingham Elite

 The Nottingham Elite


Add $35.00 for 3-way strap system or the shoulder harness system


This is the new Nottingham Elite the same great quiver as the Nottingham with a new look. It has the same arrow capacity but with new features. Heavy machine stitched construction with a fleece lining at the top, the wide strap shoulder piece at the top is suede lined and the strap has a nice brass buckle for adjustment the large pocket has a beavertail flap with brass stud closure and decorative buckstitching around the edge. The top and bottom are decorated with large buckstitching also. The bottom of course is reinforced for using broadheads. The one on the far right is shown with the optional  3-way strap system which is available for an additional $35.00.

This is a great quiver I am using one my self.


The Nottingham Elite Magnum

Call For Price


Shoulder Harness System

Finally a way to keep your quiver where you want it









This is a fancier Nottingham Elite with a few extra's. It has an arrow separator with an antler button ,an extra antler button on the flap, a fancy knife sheath on the side with an antler slide retainer, a sewn in bottom and it is equipped with my new shoulder harness strap system.

This is not a center of the back strap system though it can be adjusted that way. This is the solution to your quiver moving around on your back. Once this is adjusted on your back it will not move. You can wear it in any position on your back adjustable in about one inch increments across the arc of your shoulders Left to right , straight up and down, center of the back to Hill style and once you get it adjusted it doesn't move around. A quiver with my shoulder harness system will ride high and tight to your body giving easy access to your arrows and it won't move out of position. If you want it on a quiver that you will be hunting with it can be rigged with a quick disconnect on the strong side shoulder strap so that it will drop right off with a squeeze of your fingers if you get tangled in brush.

The shoulder harness System works more like a shoulder holster rig than a double strap quiver and I can rig it on most of my medium to large quivers. You will be amazed at all that you can do with this...the ultimate in fine tuning your back quiver. Add it on to your quiver for $35.00

This really works! If you have any questions about it give me a call.


The Classic     




How to Order

This is my quiver the Classic. Made out of Brown Saddle skirting with a fleece lining around the inside of the top. It is 22 inches long and about 8 by 4 at the top. The Classic has a nice big fully gusseted pocket with a beaver tail flap that goes behind a retainer band and then is secured with a brass button stud. This is a really nice quiver for any shooter. The leather is soft but heavy and contours to the back for a comfortable fit. The wide shoulder piece is lined with  medium brown suede. All reinforcing and parts are machined stitched with heavy bonded thread and the bottom is reinforced for broadheads. Now with brass hardware the strap is quickly adjustable with a nice 1 1/4 buckle. 

 It is available with a 3-way hook up for an extra $35.00...pictured on right.

The Classic is also available with my shoulder harness strap system for an additional $35.00.


    The Oak Classic


Oak Classic


 How to Order


This is a tooled version of the Classic other options are available but this is the most popular.

This is a customers with a matching armguard and the shoulder harness.

    The Hunter



With regular strap $235.00

With 3-way strap or shoulder harness system 


How to Order














This is the new hunter. Here it is pictured with my shoulder harness system but is also available with either the 3- way strap, or a single strap similar to the classic cut around the neck and suede lined but cut a little smaller. The standard length of this quiver is 22 inches but can be lengthened or shortened. The opening at the top is approximately 5- 1/4 by 3- 1/2 and is fleece lined. The pocket is about 5 by 6- 1/4 and has a big flap with an antler button closure. The bottom is sewn in with double stitching for strength and durability. As always the bottom is reinforced for use with broadheads.  The hunter will hold 18 or more  field pointed arrows or 10 to 12 arrows with broadheads. This is a very comfortable and versatile quiver made from my 7 to 8 oz veg-tan leather built to last a long time.

The Hunter is also available in a laced version for more of a traditional styling for an additional $30.00.

Something new on my shoulder harness system is the quick release on the strong side shoulder strap in case you get tangled up in the brush. This comes standard now. Once you open it the quiver can drop right off your shoulder

    The Saxon

The Saxon



See a tooled version on the custom projects page

This is my best reproduction of the Robin Hood quiver in the movie that starred Errol Flynn. You can get a large Celtic knot tooled on it for an extra $75.00. Pictured in light brown it is available in other shades of brown.



The Mountain Hunter

Mountain Hunter


How to Order

See the Mountain Hunter in action Click here



The new Mountain Hunter is made from premium veg-tan leather Reinforced on the top, middle, and bottom it rides in the center of the back or can be adjusted to carry at an angle across your back with two quick adjust straps. The top flips open for loading arrows, and the lower arrow access hole is on the side of your choice. Also included is a foam plug in the bottom for placement of broadheads. This quiver will hold 10 to 12 arrows and comes complete with a removable extraction hole cover. That makes your arrows completely covered and secure while packing. This works great on extended hunts or at the range.

Add a knife sheath mounted on the side for $50.00

Add a Bowsling mounted on the side for $35.00

Add a pocket for $60.00

New   The Duneyes              New

Mountain Hunter Elite



How to Order


One of my most popular quivers combined with the versatility of the combo hunter the new Mountain Hunter Elite has it all. Use it as the mountain hunter with full protection for your arrows and side hole extraction or take the feather cover off and use it as a regular back quiver with my shoulder harness already on it. It comes with the Hunter style pocket with the antler button or beavertail flap style or it can be upgraded to the Classic pocket based on the length of the quiver. You can also add a knife sheath or a bowsling to the quiver. Great for hunting, target shooting or full protection for your arrows on the way there.


     Combo Hunter

Combo Hunter The ultimate expedition quiver...Limited availability



3 quivers in one: Mountain Hunter,  regular center of the back quiver or Hill Style quiver


This is the new Combo Hunter.  Built to function like the Mountain Hunter but with ultimate versatility! Use it as a back quiver without feather cover and cap in center of the back or Hill style positions, or like the Mountain Hunter style in the center of the back with the side arrow extraction. It can be carried cross-ways across the back with one strap and extract the arrows from the middle.

Large pouch for storage, removable extraction hole cover. Bungee cord rigging to carry packs, water bottles, jacket, or anything else that you want. This quiver is made of the highest quality 8 to 10 ounce leather.

Straps are adjustable on the top and the bottom for perfect positioning. This quiver will serve you well for target shooting in the back yard or on the range and also local or extended hunts.



A custom Combo Hunter

New   Medium Diamondback

Medium Diamondback



This is a new scaled down size that the Ferguson, the Nottingham and Nottingham elite are available in






This is the new Medium Diamondback. It may look the same size as the ones below  in the pictures, but it is actually about a third smaller. It is a size for those of you who don't need a real large quiver like below but would like a snakeskin quiver. It is pictured with a dozen arrows inside. The standard length is 22 inches and the opening is about 5 1/2 by 4 inches and has my fleece lining at the top for those of you that want it. The pocket is 6 inches long and 5 inches wide with a 2 inch gusset. This quiver comes standard with a basic Hill Style strap but will accommodate either my 3-way strap system or the shoulder harness rig as well. You can also add a snake skin diamond shaped inlay strap as pictured below on the Super diamond back for an extra $75.00. It is built from my best brown saddle skirting leather.




Super Diamondback

pictured on right


How to Order

Diamondback FrontDiamondback Rear

Here is one for you snake skin lovers.  Western diamondback rattlesnake skin inlaid in the top, bottom, the strap and pocket flap.  A beautiful, large quiver. Built from 7 to 8 oz veg-tan leather. the quiver is 22 inches long and 4.5 by 7 and will hold 2 dozen arrows. Each one is unique and beautiful.

The two pictures on the right are of the Super Diamond back with a big pocket

All snakeskin straps are now like the one on this quiver

Diamondback Elite


How to Order

Diamondback EliteDiamondback Close UpSimilar to above with coiled rattlesnake carved at the bottom and laced with bleached rawhide lace.

 Really an eye-catcher




How to Order

Tracker in Brown LeatherTrackerMade from elk hide with a 5 to 6 oz. cowhide liner.  The Tracker is decorated with 6"-8" fringe on side, beadwork, feathers and horsehair. The pocket and flap are lined and it is 22 inches long and about 4 by 7 at the opening. Available in brown and gold based on availability.

Want a beaded, lined, and buck stitched strap add $95.00


Super Stalker

Super Stalker


How to Order

Super StalkerA tapered quiver made of gold (pictured) or brown elk hide with a 5 to 6 oz liner, 6 inch long fringe, and beadwork an antler button and a feather.  Left-hand model pictured. This is a smaller size than the Tracker but still 22 inches long. It is 6 by 3 1/2 at the top and is great for all around use. Will hold a dozen arrows.

The Stalker

The Stalker


How to Order

Made from nice NuBuck leather with fringe a feather and beadwork This quiver is unlined and soft and will contour to your back immediately. The bottom is reinforced for broadheads. The Stalker will handle a dozen arrows and is great on the range or the hunt.

Also available in brown.


The Kids Stalker

The Kid's Stalker


How to Order


  This is my kid's version of the Stalker with a feather and some beads. It is about 16 inches long and 3 inches in diameter at the top. This quiver is available in tan (pictured) or brown.




How to Order

ComancheThe ultimate southern plains style quiver.  Great for hanging on the wall or using at the range.  Made from elk hide. This quiver and bow case is custom made to fit your equipment     Bow case has fringe on both ends and is detachable.

Ferguson Quiver

Byron Ferguson Quiver


How to Order

Ferguson Quiverback of FergusonThe ultimate in style, beauty, and performance.  Heavy vegetable tanned leather, tooled, dyed, and antiqued to a beautiful mahogany.  This large quiver is laced with bleached rawhide and decorated with feathers, fringe, antlers, and beads.  The 2" wide strap has matching bead strip, is suede lined and buckstitched with rawhide lace.  Truly a classic.

Dealer Inquiries Welcome!

Want to customize your leather product?  No problem!  Give us a call. 
Options include:
  • Big Pockets

  • Feathers

  • Faces

  • Fringe

  • Beadwork

  • Tooling

  • Legs & Paws
  • Tails
  • Tooled Initials

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